Add value to your lawns and gardens through services that enhance the look and quality of your property.

In California we have to be very careful with our water usage. Under these drought conditions integrating a few enhancement services can be very helpful in protecting our resources. By removing the sections of your lawn that are unnecessary to your enjoyment of your lawn, and replacing it with bark or gravel, such as along the sides of your property where your usage of the space is more utilitarian, you will reduce your water usage.

Integrating spots of color or full flower beds can be another way to bring color to your yard and create an inviting and comfortable atmosphere for your family and friends.

Other enhancement services include integrating stone or concrete walkways, rustic paths, stepping stones, and fencing to frame the living art that is your backyard

A water feature is another enticing way to draw attention to areas of your yard. It also provides a nice spot for birdlife to catch a quick drink. Evaporation can be minimized with these water features by using it during the cooler parts of the day such as the morning and evening.

Cement aging is a common problem we see with older estates and properties. In some cases, removing the cement and repouring a new patio is necessary, but in the majority of cases we see, we can repair and stain the concrete so it appears to be new and current in design

  • Add value to your property
  • Can be part of a more formal water conservation program
  • Creates a look and feel to the balance of your yard

For a consultation to see how we can help you enhance your existing backyard and help you realize your vision for comfortable outdoor living, you can contact us directly.