Building the health of your lawn is important for its appearance as well as its texture and sustainability.

A basic premise of lawn management is to fertilize for health. Establishing a fertilization program custom made for your soil and property can make the difference in its overall appearance in addition to the texture and sustainability of the grass itself.

Some of the most common elements of an effective fertilization program involves deep root fertilization and aeration that will increase oxygen at the roots and create stronger, thriving blades of grass.

Weeds are seldom considered to be your friend and for that matter need to be removed so they do not spread and choke the beauty out of your flower beds or lawn. We use a variety of weed control products to provide the most selective coverage for your individual environment. A one size fits all approach is not what we do at America’s Lawns. We take special care to ensure that what we are doing for your lawn and flower beds is exactly what should be done to enhance their health.

A strong fertilization program can also be effective as part of a water conservation program. This program has water penetration agents that reduce the amount of water needed to grow a lush, healthy lawn you can be proud of.

Additional fertilization services include the application of fungicides and insecticides specifically for individualized problem.

If you have natural property that is undeveloped and bare, we offer a bare ground treatment for killing field grasses and minimizing fire risk, as well as preparing your land for preconstruction activities.

  • Fertilize for Health
  • Can Support Water Conservation
  • Builds Greater Sustainability and Enhances Texture

Contact us if you think your lawn will benefit from a fertilization program.