Proactive management and repair of your irrigation systems can minimize utility costs and protect your green living investment.

Irrigation can be a tricky business. We’ve heard it all. Some clients tell us that the water company came around and changed their sprinkler clock settings, a neighbor thought they were helping, but instead, created a geyser in the front yard, sprinkler lines were cut when a client decided they were going to dig a post hole for a tree house support without first checking the sprinkler plan drawings. Whatever your malady, America’s Lawns can guide you in properly managing the irrigation that makes the largest impact for the smallest water resource consumption.

We schedule regular checks of your equipment to determine if you are getting the right coverage. Soggy spots or brown patches can sometimes be correct with a simple nozzle replacement or pressure adjustment. America’s Lawns also performs valve box inspections and adjusts your clocks during seasonal changes to ensure that the lawn doesn’t get too much water during the cold months.

Our full consultation service conducts an initial inspection and assessment to assess coverage and water usage. Upon determining what is needed, we prepare a repair and if necessary, an installation plan that can solve your irrigation problems.

Occasionally, we will see a brown patch in a lawn that is not a result of underwatering. Best to get a consultative assessment to ensure you know what you are dealing with and that your lawn receives the right treatment.

Our team is comprised of a number of educated experts in multiple areas and can also design and install full irrigation systems to maximize coverage with the right equipment for your outdoor landscape. We also specialize in conversions, upgrades, and creating full water conservation plans.

  • Don’t guess the best irrigation cycle for your lawn – know by consulting with us.
  • Water Conservation is Important, Know All the Facts
  • We are Committed to Ensuring the Health and Beauty of your Living Landscape

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