Precision patio grooming for your own personal enjoyment, as well as dinner parties, events, and social gatherings.

We don’t just manicure your lawn and garden, but your patio and outdoor living spaces as well. Picture this – You come home from the office. You drop your keys in the foyer and wander through your home to the backyard, where you breathe in your first relaxing breath of the day.

You have a seat at a table freshly wiped down and as you sit there gazing out at the sunset and pouring yourself a glass of wine, you notice that your patio has been freshly cleaned off and a vase of fresh cut flowers decorates the surface. The musty smell the wet dog left on the chair has gone and your cushions have been shaken clean and sprayed with Febreeze. Your stainless barbeque has been polished and now has that shiny gleam to it.

You can’t see that dead leaf on the potted chrysanthemum anymore and the rose bush has been dead-headed. In fact, all the potted plants seem to be freshly watered and trimmed. The pillows on the chaise and settee all seem to be fluffed and looking comfortable.

The wrought iron stair railing heading down to the lower lawn is no longer coated in dust and grime. Someone has also picked up the pool toys left out after yesterday’s family swim and the muddy handprint your 4 year old put on the base of the ornamental statue has been wiped clean.

As the sun sets, your solar powered lights wink on a few at a time and it throws your patio into a warm, welcoming oasis. Then you realize… America’s Lawns has been here.

  • Precision Patio Grooming
  • Enhances Your Enjoyment and Use
  • Committed to Making Your Life Easier

For a consultation to see how we can help you enhance your existing backyard and help you realize your vision for comfortable outdoor living, you can contact us directly.